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Carole Cancler

Carole Cancler is a business and technology professional with experience in food science, technical writing, and product development. Her former company, Private Chef Natural Gourmet in Seattle, Washington specialized in frozen gourmet meals. Prior to that, Carole spent 11 years at Microsoft as a software engineer and program manager. Her writing expertise includes business intelligence, websites, newsletters, and recipe development. Currently, she focuses on writing and consulting for the food and technology industries and, for fun, teaches cooking classes. Her first cookbook, The Home Preserving Bible is available on Amazon. Carole owns and operates Greater Seattle on the Cheap.

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 March 31, 2015  Posted by  Features, Food, Hot Deals Comments Off on 6 ways to stop wasting food
6 ways to stop wasting food

Americans waste an average of 25 percent of what we spend at the grocery store. Here are tips to get the most from bacon grease, meat bones, bread, condiments and more.