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Looking for DIY and handmade Christmas gift ideas? We found tons of handmade gifts that are easy to make and special to give. From edibles to handmade bath products, all of these Christmas gift ideas provide an affordable way to celebrate the holidays and to give gifts that are unique and special.

Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Try any of these easy-to-make edible gifts from the Food Network:

Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar makes a stunning and beautiful gift that you will be proud to give this holiday season. The lucky recipients gets to cook up this warmly spiced lentil soup anytime they please during the cold winter months ahead.

Blue Cornbread with Pineapple in a Jar is a unique Christmas gift idea that recipients can bake themselves. It’s super easy to make by layering the dry ingredients in a jar. Then print out the custom gift tag and recipe to attach to the top. They’re sure to think of you fondly when they pull this buttery savory cornbread out of the oven.

Marcela Valladolid’s Homemade Granola is an affordable and wholesome gift easy to put together with ingredients you usually have on hand. Fill any re-sealable glass jar with this cranberry-nut granola. It makes a delicious snack or breakfast served with yogurt or milk.

Hot Cocoa Mix from Alton Brown takes just five minutes to make and is far better than store-bought mixes which often lack flavor or contain hard to pronounce ingredients. The recipe makes enough cocoa mix to fill your own mug before wrapping up the rest in airtight jars to give as gifts.

Chocolate Dipped Decorated Pretzels are very easy to make. Simply dip or drizzle thick pretzels with melted chocolate chips and garnish each one with sprinkles, coconut, nuts or crushed cookies. Place the pretzels in a vase for an edible centerpiece or in clear cellophane bags for festive gifts.

Still not inspired? Find more edible Christmas gift ideas from Food Network.

Handmade Spa and Pet Gifts

These Christmas gift ideas for bathing and for pets come from

Holiday Cooling Foot Scrub is scented with peppermint to cool hot tired feet and Balsam Fir needle oil for a Holiday touch. Be sure to use 100% essential oils.

Mint Bath Salts make a lovely Christmas gift  that you can package in small plastic bags or in jars with a cork from the dollar store. Tie a holiday ribbon around the package to add a festive look. These mint bath salts look as pretty as they smell and would even make a great fund raiser.

Fizzy Bath Bombs use common kitchen ingredients and are an especially great gift if you also make soaps. You will be delighted to pair your soaps with these fun and fizzy bath bombs to delight and comfort friends and family.

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits is a fun Christmas gift idea. These biscuits are a real puppy pleaser that is rated 5 woofs by pooches across the country. Use a bone or dog-shaped cookie cutter for these healthy treats.

Need more ideas? Find more Christmas gift ideas at 30 Homemade Gifts for the Holidays from .

Gourmet Christmas Gift Ideas

Family and friends will delight in these specal food gifts from Cooking Channel TV:

Sweet and Sesame Kettle Corn is sweet like caramel corn, savory like cheese popcorn, but livelier than both. Popped with sugar and sesame seeds, the sophisticated, nutty flavors of this popcorn make a perfect hostess gift.

Cranberry Honey Butter, with the perfect balance of sweet and tart, is a great make-ahead gift that you can refrigerate for up to two weeks. For a little something extra, pair it with homemade rolls, scones, muffins or cornbread.

Juniper Mop Sauce for the barbecue lovers in your life is a tangy, punchy and perfectly balanced mop-sauce laced with gin and coriander. It’s perfect for slathering on just about anything.

Pomegranate Soda Kit begins with your own homemade pomegranate syrup. Wrap it up with seltzer, pomegranate seeds and how-to instructions to create a soda kit that makes an tasty and effervescent gift.

Thai Bird Vodka – You know your buddy who can’t get enough hot sauce in his Bloody Mary at brunch? The gal who never misses the opening of the latest cocktail lounge? This vodka infusion is for them. This gorgeous Christmas gift idea, with floating Thai bird chiles and whole peppercorns, gets hotter every day. Let it sit for at least a week for intense heat.

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  1. It’s too late for this year, but I like to make home vanilla extract with vanilla beans and good vodka. I love to bake and it smells so good!

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