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Jul 292013
 July 29, 2013  Posted by  Entertainment, Family, Hot Deals

Welcoming a new baby home can be like a three-ring circus — filled with lots of excitment and animals (stuffed, of course.) There are so many first-time experiences that await a newborn, including his or hers first circus. Thanks to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, your baby can get a ticket to the big top for FREE. Baby’s First Circus is a program for parents of newborns (up to 12 months old and living in the continental U.S.) When you sign-up, you’ll receive a ticket voucher by mail for a FREE ticket to any Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance — anytime, anywhere. The best part: There’s no expiration date, so you can wait for a few years until your little one will get more enjoyment from clowns, elephants and cotton candy. You’ll also be able to print a very special commemorative certificate, which you can personalize with your child’s name. For full eligibility requirements, click here.

Bryan Chavez

LOTC National Deals Editor Bryan K. Chavez carries his purple coupon binder with pride everywhere he goes because he knows it's as "good as gold." His deal-seeking skills are so sharp that he regularly saves upwards of 75% on his grocery receipts. One of his passions is helping others save money. When he's not clipping coupons or sniffing out the next great promotion, his professional background is in public relations & marketing for non-profit organizations. Bryan is an editor at Mile High On The Cheap.

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