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Mar 042013
 March 4, 2013  Posted by  Hot Deals, Money, Shopping, Shopping Apps
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We all aspire to make wiser decisions when it comes to spending, but we can use a little help from time to time. Put your smart phone to good financial use by downloading these money-saving apps that’ll take the guess work out of finding great deals, scoring sales, or taking advantage of coupons and loyalty savings.

Gasbuddy. It doesn’t seem like gas prices will improve any time soon, so you might as well get used to shopping around if you want to save a few pennies at the pump. Of course, driving around looking for the best price would be counter intuitive if you’re wasting gas to do so. Gasbuddy will help you find the best prices in your area.

Red Laser. Gone are the days when you had to comparison shop by going store to store, or by writing down prices and then doing online research at home. With the Red Laser app, you can scan an item’s bar code, and get a comparison price list from local and online stores.

Smoopa. Similar to Red Laser, this price checker app also lets you earn rewards by submitting prices. The more information you share, the more points you can redeem in the form of cash via Paypal.

Yowza. There’s nothing worse than an impromptu shopping trip in which you realize you have valuable coupons sitting back at home. Yowza will take away that regretful feeling by searching for coupons based on your location.

Coupon Sherpa. Another mobile coupon app, Coupon Sherpa puts retailer and grocery coupons at your fingertips, eliminating the need for clipping, or paying full price because you didn’t realize there was a coupon available.

Key Ring. If you’ve got way too many store loyalty cards attached to your keys or in your wallet, you can lighten your load by loading all of the account numbers onto the Key Ring app. Now when you’re shopping at your local supermarket, drug store, or retailer, you just have to whip out your phone and let the clerk scan your loyalty card number.

Amazon Price Check. Do you find yourself holding off on purchases because you suspect you might find it cheaper on Amazon? (Raises hand!) If so, you’ll love the Amazon Price Check app, which allows you to compare prices on the go. Even better, you can click into the product reviews and ratings, too, if you’re torn between different models, and are looking for some user opinions.

Shoeboxed. Admit it – you aspire to keep better track of your receipts that doesn’t involved shoving them into a shoebox at the bottom of your closet, or on top of a paper pile on your counter. If so, this app was made for you. Just snap a photo of your receipt, and the information will be stored digitally, using the same security features as online banks. You can then generate expense reports or receipts for the IRS come tax time. This is especially helpful for small business owners and freelancers who are constantly tracking purchases for tax purposes.

Do you know of any other great money saving apps? Please share them below.

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