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Bachelorette parties can be a blast, but like any night out, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Now, bachelorette weekends are gaining in popularity, but costs on lodging, swag and outings can quickly add up. The event is a tribute to the bride-to-be’s last hurrah as a single lady, but it’s also a chance to enjoy being with the girls. Tailor activities to the bride’s interests instead of the typical expensive party night. Daytime events can be less expensive and more fun. Here are a few tips to keep costs low.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is a great daytime event that doesn’t cost much if you go to the right vineyards. Many states have local wineries that offer tastings between $5-$10. Treat yourself and the bachelorette to a tasting, then purchase one or two local bottles — splitting the costs — and enjoy the ambience of the vineyard.

Mani-Pedi spa day

Find a local day spa and get a low-cost treatment like a manicure. Most day spas offer access to all amenities with any purchase, so you can relax in the steam room, sauna or hot tub. Enjoy the luxurious products in the showers and the dressing rooms.  Skip the anti-social (and expensive) massage or facial an enjoy being treated with your friends.


This isn’t a romantic weekend and you shouldn’t spend a ton on a hotel. Location should be central to where you plan to go out, but don’t worry if it’s not within walking distance. Most major cities have some kind of cab system, and split between a group, cab costs can be minimal. Chances are the hotel will only serve as a pit stop for sleep, so bunk with a few of your friends and reduce your cost considerably. Check out, Kayak and Priceline for great deals. Even better, if a friend lives in the city, set up her apartment for a sleepover. It’ll be fun, and free.

Food for the night

Chances are, you’ll need some kind of sustenance if you’re going out for the night. Consider a pizza place or burger shack to fuel up. Of course, if your bride is a foodie, this might be the place to splurge, but remember, the point is to enjoy good times with your friends. A quick meal can be cheap, and a fun flashback to when you were kids, grabbing a bite after high school football games.

Going out

Call places ahead of time to see if they offer bachelorette specials. My friends and I scored a free bottle of champagne at a pricey club for one party. At another, we got a round of shooters. Clubs are always trying to get groups of ladies in the door. If you play your cards right, you can skip paying for some of the adult beverages.

Bachelorette gear

Those sashes, crowns and light up rings can add up, especially if your group of girls gets married all around the same time. Instead of getting something new every time, recycle. My group of girlfriends have all worn the same sash, crown and other accessories for each party. Not only has it saved many trips to the party store, it’s also a sweet sentiment to wear something that your friend wore for her fun night.

These are just a few tips to save on the costs of a girls weekend.  Remember, the point is to have fun, not go broke.

Rose Overbey

Rose Overbey worked her way up at a boutique public relations firm in Washington, D.C., from junior writer to director of business development. She's worked with national brands and on executive-level ghostwriting projects. In mid-2012, she acted on an urge to pursue a career in teaching and now teaches kindergarten at a Title 1 school in the District of Columbia. Despite the career switch, Rose still freelances regularly. Rose has also been published in The Washington Post. She loves to take advantage of all the good deals the D.C. area has to offer — and refuses to pay full price for anything.

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