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When Delsia Fleming was looking at colleges for her twin daughters Brittany and Brianna, the Burlington, New Jersey, mother learned that twins who attend the same school often receive college tuition discounts. It turns out this discount isn’t limited to twins.

A handful of colleges and universities nationwide offer discounts when two or more family members enroll at the same school. The key is to know the right terminology when searching for discounts or speaking with financial aid officers about the possibility of qualifying for college tuition discounts. Some of the phraseology I came across includes “sibling discount,” “twin discount,” “family scholarship” or “family grant.”

Fleming’s daughters ended up enrolling at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, which provides a $2,000 discount to the second tuition bill. The family received that discount in addition to a generous financial aid package.

If you have same-age children or children close in age who could attend the same college, you may want to consider adding “family tuition discount” to your list of must-haves as you start looking at schools.

I have identified 10 schools that offer college tuition discounts to siblings. There are many more but these represent schools in various parts of the country and offer a minimum of $1,000 off tuition. Also, whenever possible I have included a link to each school’s website for more information.

  • Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, provides what it calls a “family discount” for siblings enrolled full time at the school, except those in the general studies program. For some reason general studies students are exempt from the family discount. All others can expect a 10% tuition discount for the second sibling, and a 20% discount for a third sibling.
  • Johnson & Wales University, with campuses in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Rhode Island, offers a “family scholarship” that provides up to $2,000 off tuition costs for each sibling attending full time.
  • McDaniel College offers a $2,000 grant applied towards the second family member’s tuition. Any additional family member attending at the same time will receive the same $2,000 discount. Interestingly, McDaniel describes its Family Tuition Reduction Grants using the terms “immediate family member.” So if a parent enrolls full time along with the child, the discount applies.
  • Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, offers a multiple sibling discount that applies not only to its undergraduate program, but also to its law school. When two siblings are enrolled full time simultaneously, each student gets 10% off tuition. A third sibling enjoys a 20% discount on tuition. Got four or more college-bound kids? Roger Williams will give the fourth and subsequent enrolling siblings a 25% discount.
  • Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, will discount tuition by 10% for each sibling enrolled at the school.
  • The University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan gives a $1,000 discount per sibling per year, as long as both are enrolled full time. Its guidelines say specifically that siblings with only one parent in common — half-siblings or step-siblings — still qualify.
  • Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts, gives a sibling discount of up to a $1,000 per year for each sibling enrolled full time.

Sometimes the siblings enrolling together in school are twins, like Delsia Fleming’s daughters. I found one twins’ organization that had tracked down additional sibling tuition discount information.

The Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry has highlighted 10 colleges and universities nationwide that offer money off tuition for twins — and in many instances other siblings as well.  This list includes schools and their tuition reductions that range from the basic — Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, which  offers $2,000 off each year — to the generous, such as George Washington University. This Washington, D.C., school gives the second sibling 50% off tuition. Considering that the 2012-2013 full-time undergraduate tuition at GWU is $45,735, that’s a hefty price cut. Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, offers a 25% discount.

College tuition discounts just for having your children attend the same school? Who wouldn’t want that.

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