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Jan 182013
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If cabin fever has you tired of staring at the same walls, make some refreshing changes and redecorate. Using a lot of imagination and creativity and a little bit of cash, you can transform your home into a well-decorated refuge. Try these simple tricks for redecorating on a dime.


Simply moving furniture around can add new life to a room. Take time to reconfigure, and you’ll probably find that you prefer the look and function of your new organization scheme.

To reconfigure, measure the room and then put the dimensions on graph paper. Each foot is equal to ¼ inch on paper (or the computer). Next, draw in permanent items like outlets, switches, windows and doors. Then make paper cutouts of your furniture and play around with a new design scheme until you find one you like.

Create eye-catching focal points

Rather than trying to redecorate an entire room, invest in one stunning focal point and make it the center of attention. For instance, hang a painting that makes you smile over the fireplace, put a new baker’s rack in the kitchen and decorate your bed with high-quality throw pillows.


At just a few dollars a can, paint is one of the cheapest ways to transform your home. Changing the color of a room gives the space a completely new look and feel. Create visual interest by using two or three complementary colors or try specialized techniques like faux painting.

Add plants

Introducing greenery is an inexpensive way to fill your home with color and life. Enliven a corner of your dining room with a tall floor plant or draw the eye up and make your bedroom look larger by showcasing a vining plant spilling from a hanging basket.

Repurpose used furniture

Scour your attic or basement, garage sales and thrift stores for used furniture that can be scrubbed clean, repaired and painted or stained to match your décor. Be creative and find new purposes for old pieces.

What low-cost redecorating tricks have made a difference in your home?

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