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Apr 222013
 April 22, 2013  Posted by  Mother's Day

There’s an important holiday coming up in May and it’s time to start thinking about gifts! Whether you’ll be celebrating your mom, step-mom, mother-in-law, mother of your children, or someone you think of as a mom, it’s a holiday that deserves more thought for gifting than grocery store flowers.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 12, 2013, so start thinking, creating, planning, or buying something for the mom’s in your life. Most moms would probably be happy to just have some family time on Mother’s Day. If you can visit, do so. If you can’t visit, Skype or make a phone call. If you are lucky enough to visit with your mom for Mother’s Day, make it her day. Do what she wants, don’t let her cook, and bring her a little something.

Plants, Gardening, and Outdoors

Since Mother’s Day falls right in the heart of Spring, flowers, plants, and gardening gifts are popular. Personally, I avoid gifting cut flowers because they die within a week or two. House plants are a nice option for a non-gardening mom, but kick it up a notch with a cute plant pot, pot hanger, or watering bulb.

If your mom is into gardening, there are plenty of gift ideas that will make her happy.


Other outdoor ideas include a birdhouse or bee house, or if you have siblings to split the cost with, a composter (I recommend this one) or a hammock (like this highly rated one).

Pampering Her

If you’d rather gift your mom with some pampering, surely she’ll appreciate one of the following:

Source: via Living on on Pinterest

Things to Cherish

Get a little sentimental with these ideas:

  • Birthstone jewelry with her kids’ birthstones or jewelry with sayings (Amazon and Etsy are good resources)

  • A family photo book (the past year or all-time favorites)
  • DIY Canvas Art with a meaningful phrase
  • An autobiography book that she can fill out and pass down through the family (many options are available).
  • Arrange for a family photo
  • A decorated jar filled with short memories or reasons that you love her

Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts, but your mom does deserve something, so at least make it a gift that you’ve put a little thought into and is useful. Check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board for lots of other ideas, including plenty of homemade ideas that won’t cost you much!

We’d love to hear your ideas or the favorite gifts you’ve received in the comments!

Val McCauley

Val McCauley was drawn to writing about Living on the Cheap after moving to Columbus from her small hometown after college. She realized that there were a ton of events and activities going on around the city, but there wasn't a website that made it easy to find out about these things. Her love of travel and desire to get out of debt after college cemented the need to live on less while still having fun. Over the last several years, she has paid off all of her debt and still has fun. In her free time, she loves to workout, play sports, and cook gluten-free meals. Val is the owner and operator of Columbus on the Cheap and That’s What We Did.

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  1. Val, great ideas for mothers day. I am probably going to go with a spa/facial day because groupon is having tons of deals on those type of presents.

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