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Interested in advertising on our site? For as little $75 per month, Living on the Cheap will post your display ad and link it to the website of your choice. Reach people throughout the United States who are looking for deals, discounts and overall good value. Our readers are savvy shoppers who appreciate getting more for their money.

We offer three display ad sizes:

♦ 300px by 250px = $150/month.

♦ 160px by 600px = $150/month.

♦ 160px by 280px = $75/month.

Discounts are available for six-month terms, as well as one-year contracts.

We also contract for sponsored and custom content.

IMPORTANT!! We require a JPG or PNG of the ad. Please include a border if the background is white. If you need assistance in creating your ad or converting it to a JPG or PNG, please contact us at for details, specifications or recommendations for graphic design artists.

Please note: LOTC reserves the right to refuse publication of any ad it deems inappropriate for the site.

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