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Dec 052012
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Vee Garden plants

The winner is Danielle! A Vee Garden is a container gardening system that works like nothing you have seen before. What a 15 square foot gardening space grows, a Vee container garden  can produce in just 18 inches. Vee container gardening systems are especially designed for small-space vegetable gardening and provide outstanding organic gardening results with less work and higher yield. Imagine—you could grow herbs or garden vegetables just outside the kitchen door on your patio or deck.

Vee Garden has generously donated one “Vee-Mini 2” (value $25) to Living on the Cheap for our subscribers. The Vee-Mini 2 contains a 2-gallon planter, plus a composter and carrying handle. It is the perfect size for a small herb or salad garden and makes a great gift for a first-time gardener.

To enter you must do two things: 1.) Be an e-mail subscriber of LOTC. E-mail subscribers receive one e-mail every day, with a list of posts from the previous 24 hours. Addresses are never spammed, shared or sold. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can sign up now. It’s quick, easy and FREE. Make sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) after signing up because you’ll have to confirm your registration. If you already subscribe, ignore #1. You do not have to subscribe again. 2). Leave a comment telling us the vegetable you would most like to grow yourself. Deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, December 11. We’ll randomly draw one or more names from all eligible entries, double-check that they are subscribers with an activated subscription and award the container garden. (Note: Only one entry per e-mail address and/or family.) Winners will be contacted via e-mail for a mailing address — so check your spam filters. We hate to act like Scrooge, but, if we can’t contact you, the prize goes to someone else. Again, you must be a LOTC subscriber to win.

The Vee-Mini 2 will be available to ship immediately to the winner to an address in the lower 48 states.

Make a pledge to Vee Garden Kickstarter project

Although Vee Garden container gardening systems are commercially available, the company is working hard to keep up with the current handmade process. So it’s time to take the next step for the sake of efficiency and sustainability by streamlining the manufacturing process. The current design is handmade from 6-inch PVC.

A new, proposed design uses an innovative injection-mold manufacturing process using vegetable-based plastic. This new process will make the hard plastic parts of the Vee Garden container gardening system sustainable, more consistent, better fitting, and more compact, as well as lower shipping costs. The molds required for the new manufacturing process are chunks of steel the size of a truck engine, which go into a device the size of a Volkswagen bus.

Vee Garden asks you to help fund this new manufacturing process by making a pledge and receiving one (or more) of these fantastic container gardening systems as a reward. With your help, the new manufacturing process can be ready to fulfill orders in Spring 2013.

Vee Garden container gardening system

The basic vertical garden looks something like a plastic tree with 3 fat branches or planting shafts around a central trunk or tube that functions as a composter. This vertical container gardening structure creates more surface area around the planting root zones. This design maximizes heat transfer, promotes light and air circulation, and accelerates plant growth while conserving water. The vertical container garden uses approximately 3 cubic feet of soil.

The built-in composter is amazing. There is no work and no turning. You just keep pushing green matter in and it keeps disappearing! It’s probably the most efficient composter you’ll ever see, and it will improve the soil in your Vee Garden year after year from the inside-out. If you add earthworms, they will multiply and further aerate the system, delivering nutrient-rich castings up and down the soil column and into every root zone.

At the base of the vertical structure is a “softbed”, composed of fabric made from recycled, compostable plastic. Softbeds range in size from 3 to 15 gallons. These container gardening softbeds may also be used alone. They make ideal containers if you use the traditional square foot gardening technique.

Vee-Minis are portable container gardening systems that are ideal for the kitchen counter or patio. A Vee-Mini could offer the best experience for any first time gardener. It comes with a 2-gallon or 5-gallon softbed planter, plus a composter and carrying handle.

  • Do you know anyone with a physical disability? Vee Gardens are wheelchair accessible.
  • Do you live in a small apartment or condo? Vee Garden is the perfect solution for small space gardening.

For more information, visit the Vee Garden blog or follow on Twitter @VeeGarden. Find the Vee Garden Dances with Vegetables project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

Carole Cancler

Carole Cancler is a business and technology professional with experience in food science, technical writing, and product development. Her former company, Private Chef Natural Gourmet in Seattle, Washington specialized in frozen gourmet meals. Prior to that, Carole spent 11 years at Microsoft as a software engineer and program manager. Her writing expertise includes business intelligence, websites, newsletters, and recipe development. Currently, she focuses on writing and consulting for the food and technology industries and, for fun, teaches cooking classes. Her first cookbook, The Home Preserving Bible is available on Amazon. Carole owns and operates Greater Seattle on the Cheap.

  37 Responses to “Winner: Vee Garden container gardening system”

  1. I would love to grow beets. I have never been successful with them.

  2. The vegetable I would most likely grow myself would be lemon cucumbers. I have tried unsuccessfully to grow them and have had no luck. They remind me of my grandma’s garden and my kids love them!

  3. I would love to have a mini-spinach garden so that I can enjoy fresh spinach. The indoor gardening would help sustain my green thumb until the weather warms again:)

  4. I want to grow an eggplant!! We have an apartment with a balcony- perfect for a tiny little garden :)

  5. I would love to win Vee Garden container, my apartment is very small and i don’t have much room to grow my own herbs or vegetables i could also give it to my mom for christmas :)
    If i win i would grow Peppers and Tomatoes.
    Thank you!

  6. I love tomatoes. I would love to grow those

  7. We live in a tiny apartment and this system would be great. We always wanted to grow veggies and herbs but dont have the space. I would love to use it to grow various peppers.

  8. I would love to grow tomatoes. The ones from the store always taste like cardboard!

  9. I would love to grow catnip.

  10. Salad! All sorts! Romaine, arugula, spinach, kale, … The possibilities are endless and the salad bottomless!

  11. Tomatoes!

  12. If I won this, I would give it as a Christmas gift to my daughter, who has no garden space at her apartment and I’m sure would love to grow some of her own herbs and spices.

  13. I would love to grow all different colors of peppers!

  14. I would grow parsnips because we love using them in stir frys and stews!

  15. Zucchini!

  16. I would love some bell peppers

  17. I would like to try growing sweet potatoes which may not be possible in the PNW. I’m wondering if the heat efficiency of the Vee Garden would this make it possible?

  18. I’d like to grow some lettuces and other vegetables to have a salad garden.

  19. I live in a town home. No garden. I would so love to win this. I am a real fan of tomatoes.

  20. Would grow green onions and parsley :)

  21. I grow a lot of vegetbles in regular pots on my deck – I don’t get a lot of yield from certain ones – particularly beets, peppers and cucumbers, so I’d love to try them in the V-garden.

  22. I would like to grow kale and pretty much any other type of vegetable. My husband and I are vegans.

  23. I would be thrilled to grow a variety of delicious peppers and tomatoes!

  24. You would grow tomatoes. I would grow tomotoes.

  25. Heirloom tomatoes! I eat the heck out of those things, but they’re pretty pricey in the grocery store.

  26. Iam an email subscriber aND I would grow cherry tomatoes

  27. I would love to plant chives and then use them in cooking as I am always at the market buying them.

  28. I want to grow bushels and bushels of basil!

  29. I would like to grow a mixture of greens. Not been super successful so far.

  30. I would love to grow green peppers. I love to cook with them and they are so expensive from the grocery store.

  31. Peppers!!!!

  32. spinach! yummy fresh spinach for salads is what I would grow.

  33. I would love to grow tomatoes, chile and cilantro for fresh salsa! YUM

  34. carrots….ive had no luck with them

  35. I would grow lettuce, my family goes through lettuce like it’s going out of style :)

  36. I would love to grow beets to craft sweet, tangy pickled beets for savoring and gifting in memory of my grandmother who I can still see bringing the deep red-filled jars up from her root cellar as a treat.

  37. I would most like to grow Brussels Sprouts. I had a great dish on Thanksgiving (Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar) and fell in love. I never cared for them before.

    THANKS for the give away,

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