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Apr 182016
 April 18, 2016  Posted by  Mother's Day

Flowers and jewelry are nice, but for most moms, nothing beats a gift made by her kids. Round up the kids and have them create one of these sweet, easy, cheap Mother’s Day crafts for their mom or grandmother.

Painted flowerpot: Grab a terra-cotta pot (these can be found cheaply at craft shops, home-improvement stores, or sometimes, thrift stores) and prime the outside with white acrylic paint, then give the kids acrylic paint in bright colors and let them create their own masterpiece. Let the pot dry overnight, then add potting soil and a bright spring flower, like a petunia. For extra pizzazz, tie a ribbon around the rim.

3-D flower card: Get an 8.5 x 11 piece of colored cardstock and three paper cupcake liners in complementary colors. Fold the cardstock vertically and have your child write a message or draw a picture inside. Make vertical cuts into the edges of one cupcake liner about an inch long. On a second liner, make the cuts about two inches long. Flatten all the liners. Have kids glue the uncut liner to the card, then glue the liner with two-inch cuts on top of that one, and the liner with one-inch cuts on top. Glue on a button or other round adornment for the “center” of the flower and fluff out the flower’s cut edges. Kids can use crayons or markers to draw a “stem” underneath. The result will look something like this, but with a single flower instead of many.

“Why I Love Mom” jar: Get a medium-size decorative jar (or just use a clean spaghetti-sauce jar with the label removed) and have kids write the things they love most about Mom on 2-inch-wide strips of pretty paper. Help younger kids by writing their messages with them. Roll up the strips and place them in the jar, then add a cute label on the front. Better Homes & Gardens has a nice example here.

Photo by Watershed Post via a Creative Commons license.

Jennifer Acosta Scott

Jennifer Acosta Scott is an Alabama native who got to Texas as fast as she could! Her work has appeared in The Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Parenting, Shape, and many more publications. She enjoys spending time with her sons, Patrick and Hayden, and her husband, Mark.

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