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Aug 162012
 August 16, 2012  Posted by  Expired

While we don’t advocate one travel supplier over another, Travelzoo is a prime example of what we look for in a website — unbiased and consumer-oriented. The company is best known for its weekly Top 20 list, but also provides links to discounts on travel, entertainment and local events (like half-price theater tickets). What you may not know is Travelzoo actually has a full-time, in-house staff that work in its Test Booking Center. These folks actually test thousands of deals, following the same booking steps as the average customer to ensure promo codes and links work as advertised. To use Travelzoo, simply sign up. It’s FREE. You’ll also receive the weekly Top 20 list, as well as the occasional “Newsflash” and notice of any specials local to your city. We subscribe and can tell you that Travelzoo doesn’t abuse its customers, meaning your in-box won’t get flooded with a gazillion emails or spam.

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