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Feb 062014
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Living on the Cheap can offer a $40 discount on already discounted tickets from Scorebig for new customers who are spending at least $90. Depending on where you live, you will find tickets to professional sports, concerts, the circus and more. Read how Scorebig works and then about the additional $40 discount. ScoreBig, a discount ticket company, is offering tickets to many sporting and entertainment events across the country, for substantial discounts, up to 60% off. ScoreBig is not a ticket broker but a company that works directly with venues, teams and promoters to sell off excess tickets. You can think of it like Priceline for entertainment and sports tickets. For each event, Scorebig tells you what the average savings it’s offering. Savings are generally between 10% and 60% off. I’ve used Scorebig myself and had great success. It works great.

If an event shows up as “Sold Out” keep checking back because tickets DO free up. You can even sign up for an alert for when tickets become available.

Here’s how it works (and keep reading to learn about the additional discounts):

  • Start by going here. Choose your city and performance.
  • Choose your performance date.
  • Click on the seating area and number of seats you want to buy. The sections with prices will light up as you mouse over what’s available.
  • Click on “Select.” You’ll see a box to Enter Your Price and a bar that shows how likely you are that your price will be selected.
  • Start with the suggested % off and then lower your bid $1 at a time to see if you can stay in the green. For example, we found two-star seats for $37.77 with a 50% off bid likely accepted. We typed in $20, which got a green light, but then got it down to about $17.
  • Once you are happy with your bid, click on “Continue.”
  • Enter your contact info and payment information.
  • If your bid is accepted, you’re notified instantly, and your credit card will be charged.
  • If your bid is rejected, you can place a new bid on a different seating area or event. To place a bid on the same event and seating area you’ll have to wait 24 hours.
  • Sometimes you’ll get a counter offer, which you are free to accept or reject.
  • No additional fees are added to the price you agree on. This is a biggie, because, as you know, convenience and service fees can be hefty.

You’re always going to pay below Box Office Price on ScoreBig. But there are two promotions right now that can save you more.

  • New Customers: CHEAP40 for $40 off an order value of $90 or more
  • If you’re not a new customer or you’re not spending $90 or more, try using the promo code TRAINING10 at checkout for $10 off. Scorebig is advertising it as a discount on tickets to baseball spring training games, but it’s worth a try. Or (for returning customers) maybe you can find a friend with a different email address to buy the tickets. That $40 off is a really good deal.)

Remember, the tickets are already discounted before this promo code is applied.

Here are some current opportunities, but make sure to visit Scorebig to see what’s currently available in your area:

Jody Mace

Jody Mace is a freelance writer who has written for publications like O Magazine, Washington Post, and Parents. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two teenaged kids. Her colleagues are dogs named Harlow and Shaggy. She publishes Charlotte on the Cheap and takes the “cheap” seriously. For fun she plays mandolin and browses at her local Goodwill Store, where she is “Foursquare Mayor,” as long as that Russell G. doesn’t steal it from her again. You can see her celebration of thrift store finds at Thrift Wrecks.

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