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 March 11, 2013  Posted by  At Home, Home Improvement, Hot Deals

If you’re trying to create a new look in your bedroom, study or other living space, you needn’t spend thousands of dollars on new wall art and furniture. With a little bit of imagination and some effort, you can create new décor items for a fraction of what they’d cost at the store. Check out some of these ideas that use items you already have (or can get cheaply):

Headboard into bench. Got an old headboard gathering dust in the basement? Use a saw, plywood and paint to turn it into a new place to sit. You can see many examples of projects like these on Pinterest, or find detailed instructions here, here and here.

Picture frames to chalkboards. Sift through that stack of unused picture frames in your closet and paint one in a shade that’s complementary to your décor. Then paint the frame’s backer board with black chalkboard paint, secure it to the back, and hang. (If the board is made of cardboard or is damaged, use a piece of laminated plywood that’s cut to the proper dimensions.)

Old clothes into wreath. Save scrap fabric, old blue jeans and other spare pieces of cloth. When you have a sizable amount in complementary colors, cut them into circles and hot-glue to a wreath form, then add ribbon for hanging. A good example of this project can be seen here.

Wine corks into – well, almost anything. If you have been saving your wine corks, they can be turned into all kinds of decorative items, including: a bath mat, a wall hanging, decorative balls and more. (For more pizzazz, color them first by soaking them in a fabric-dye solution.)

Mason jars as flower vases. It doesn’t get any easier than this – coat old Mason jars with glossy spray paint, then add flowers for a striking display. The best part? If you change your color scheme or the “feel” of your room, simply update the jars by repainting them.

Photo courtesy of Foxtongue via a Creative Commons license.

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