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Oct 102012
 October 10, 2012  Posted by  Beauty, Health & Beauty, Hot Deals

I love getting my monthly magazines. The feel of the glossy pages and smell of perfume samples promise a luxurious escape into a world filled with fashion, hair and relationship advice. But after I read a few stories, the issue lands under my coffee table and waits for a vacation or long weekend for me to grab it again. Of course, by the time those occasions come around, I have another newer, magazine. This meant that I had a lot of old magazines collecting dust under my coffee table — until I stumbled  upon a brilliant idea.

It started with a search for a new scent.  I had read an article that said a person’s scent was the most powerful first impression they could make on others. I wanted to try something new, but my budget couldn’t handle shopping at an expensive department store. Leafing through the rest of the magazine, I realized there were multiple free perfume samples that I could try. I excitedly tore them out, and every day that week, I tried a new scent. None of them were “the one.” Then I remembered I had a stockpile of free samples under my coffee table between the pages of dozens of forgotten magazines.

I sorted through my old magazines and carefully tore out page after page of perfume sample. By the time I was done, I had a huge pile. Some were duplicates, others I didn’t like on me, but instead of throwing them away, I decided to test them out as closet fresheners. I simply taped them to the inside door of my closet, and every time I opened my closet door, I got a whiff of J’Adore. It might not smell great on me, but I still like the smell in the air.

Then I thought about my drawers. This took a little more coordination, but I found nice scents to put in with my socks, T-shirts and even gym clothes.

One day, a vagabond sample got stuck on a pair of gym shorts and ended up in my gym bag. When I opened my car door after work, I got a whiff of Euphoria, by Calvin Klein. After that, I decided to stash some samples in my glove compartment. Having samples around is also handy if I ever need a quick refresher after work before a happy hour or date.

Now when it’s time to clean under the coffee table, I’m excited to scour my magazines for samples to put around my house and in my car. I still haven’t found ” the one,” but who needs one when I can chose from a department store size selection every day? I have to admit, I haven’t found the perfect way to store the samples while they’re waiting to go in drawers, closets, my car or on me. I simply have a basket that I toss them into and browse through when I want to try something new. The basket is open, so that the scents don’t get too mixed together.

If you hate the idea of parting with your old magazines, try using them to shop for free samples. By the time you see the freebies you scored, you’ll have no problem tossing the old glossies in the recycle bin to make room for a new stock.

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Rose Overbey

Rose Overbey worked her way up at a boutique public relations firm in Washington, D.C., from junior writer to director of business development. She's worked with national brands and on executive-level ghostwriting projects. In mid-2012, she acted on an urge to pursue a career in teaching and now teaches kindergarten at a Title 1 school in the District of Columbia. Despite the career switch, Rose still freelances regularly. Rose has also been published in The Washington Post. She loves to take advantage of all the good deals the D.C. area has to offer — and refuses to pay full price for anything.

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  1. I’ve been doing this for years, put them in empty suitcases, surprisingly fresh scent when you need it.

  2. I love the idea of putting them in empty suitcases. That’s brilliant. Thanks!

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