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May 272012
 May 27, 2012  Posted by  Pets, Services
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So you swoon when the kitties dive into the laundry as though it’s their personal playground. And if the dog deems a folded pile perfect for a snooze, you start snapping pictures. Sometimes, though, the antics of furry family members aren’t quite as adorable.

Perhaps your pooch snacks on your favorite sneakers. Or he leaps too exuberantly on guests. Maybe your cat is etching a striped pattern on the arms of the sofa. Since pets and people speak different languages, it’s nice to know FREE assistance is available to help bridge the communication gap.

Various animal shelters around the nation offer FREE pet behavior helplines. Staff members or trained volunteers offer personalized assistance to  questions submitted by phone or email. Some behavior helplines are intended primarily for families that adopted from that shelter. Other helplines serve anyone — regardless of where they live or where they acquired their pet. You can get advice on litter box use, house training, nipping, scratching and gnawing. Some helplines also accept questions about rabbits, gerbils and other types of pets.

Two shelters with respected and active pet behavior departments are among those offering FREE helplines that accept questions from anyone anywhere in the world.

Another resource is The Pets Forums, which provides a platform for asking  questions of knowledgeable pet owners.

You can also find reliable FREE tips and advice online at these sites:

Have you found other great free resources on pet care and behavior? Let us know.

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