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Dec 062013
 December 6, 2013  Posted by  Food, Recipes
Make your own chocolate syrup - Living on the Cheap

This chocolate syrup recipe is so easy and delicious, you won’t believe no one told you about it before. This is the kind of chocolate syrup you drizzle over ice cream and use to make chocolate milk. It’s every bit as good as the stuff in the brown squeeze bottle.

Before we get started, let me address a few common concerns:

  • You won’t need to melt any chocolate. (No chocolate-melting required at all. I promise!)
  • There is no special equipment involved. Do you have a saucepan and something to stir with? Then you’re set.
  • Wondering why you would want to make your own chocolate syrup? There are so many answers: It’s delicious, you’re in control of the ingredients, it’s less expensive and, once you see how easy it is, the question will be why would you want to buy it at the store. (There’s also the matter of having a chocolate craving hit when it’s 9:30 p.m. and you’re already in your jammies.)

Ingredients for Make Your Own Chocolate SyrupThe ingredients for chocolate syrup are probably already in your cabinets:

Sugar (2 cups)
Cocoa powder (1/2 cup)
Salt (pinch)
Water (1 cup)
Vanilla Extract (1 teaspoon)

Cooking directions:

  • Combine all ingredients except the vanilla extract in a saucepan.
  • Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it boils.
  • Allow it to boil for a few minutes – but don’t walk away from it. Stir it frequently so that it doesn’t boil over and make a mess. (You can turn the heat down slightly, as long as it continues to simmer.)
Make Your Own Chocolate Syrup - Bring to a boil
  • Add the vanilla extract just after you remove it from the heat.

That’s it! You now have chocolate syrup. It will be thin when it’s hot like this, just out of the pan, but will thicken as it cools. Definitely let it cool quite a bit before placing into a plastic squeeze bottle. Later, when you pull it out of the fridge, you’ll see it’s just as thick as the store kind.

You can adjust the amount of chocolate and sugar to make it taste the way you want, but those amounts will give you a sweet, syrupy chocolate like the kind that comes in a brown plastic squeeze bottle from the grocery store.

This homemade chocolate syrup would also be a nice addition to a basket of homemade gifts. You can find a nice glass bottle with a stopper or go with clear plastic condiment bottles from discount stores.

Carolyn Erickson

Carolyn Erickson is a freelance writer with expertise in business-to-consumer writing and editorial. During her career, she's helped companies like Time Warner Internet, Ethan Allen, Gold's Gym, Stanley Steemer, Empire Vision Centers and others reach local customers with their marketing messages. Her writing has received awards from the Kansas Professional Communicators and the National Federation of Press Women. Most recently, Carolyn has parlayed her experience in digital media as the owner of Wichita on the Cheap into helping small businesses and non-profit organizations establish an Internet and social media presence – on the cheap, of course.

  5 Responses to “Make your own chocolate syrup”

  1. When does the vanilla extract get added?While it is still hot or has cooled down some?

  2. Seems simple enough. I’d like to try this recipe but I have a question. It says not to combine the Vanilla Extract with other ingredients in the saucepan, but it never mentions when to add it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  3. So sorry! I forgot to mention that the extract gets added just after you remove the mixture from the heat. It doesn’t really have to cool down.

  4. Sorry I didn’t mention when to add the extract! (I’m going back to correct this error in the post.) The extract can be added as soon as you remove the chocolate mixture from the heat. Thanks for the question! And this IS easy! :) I was just making hot cocoa for the family recently and realized for the first time that the steps are almost exactly the same (the amounts are different, and chocolate syrup requires no milk, but it’s a very similar process.)

  5. Thank you so much Carolyn for your quick response. Do you have a Hot Fudge recipe to share?

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