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Jan 172013
 January 17, 2013  Posted by  Expired
Lady Gaga

With multiple Grammys, a ton of global smash hits and tens of millions of albums sold, Lady Gaga is already one of the most successful entertainers in history. The pop diva/fashion icon/philanthropist is out on tour with the Born This Way Ball. Tickets to a show like this aren’t easy to find, much less at a great price. But ScoreBig does have some on hand for concerts in San Jose, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Paul, Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville, Tampa and Miami. Most of the available seats are far from the stage (those back sections and rows), but true fans may not care. Interested? If your total purchase is under $300, you can use the promo code DUNK35 to get 35% guaranteed off the price of your tickets. If you want the pricey seats and you have to buy a minimum of two, making your total purchase price more than $300, you can still bid 10% less than the retail price and you should get your seats.

ScoreBig is a bit tricky, but follow our instructions and you should do just fine. If you plan to use the code, go here and find the concert near you. Then click on “Find Tickets.” Next click on number of seats you want to buy. The sections with prices will light up as you mouse over what’s available. Now you have to so some math. Example: You find tickets for $60. You need two. Calculate 35% off $60. That would make your offer $39 per ticket. Enter $39 for the “price per ticket” and click on “Continue.” On the next page you will enter your contact info, payment information and any promo codes (in this case DUNK35). This promo code, which may be used once per customer, guarantees that your offer of 35% off will be accepted. Click on “Complete Order” and you should be good to go. Again, if your order is going to be more than $300 in total you can’t use the promo code, but you can get at least 10% (or more) off. We saw some venues with seats at 50% off.

If Lady Gaga makes you gag, check out our new Show Ticket Deals page to see what other concerts, shows and events you can attend for 10% to 60% off.

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