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Nov 262012
 November 26, 2012  Posted by  Entertainment, Hot Deals

Tickets to professional theater, concerts and sporting events can be pricey, if not down right out of reach for many. That’s one reason why Goldstar is so appealing. The company works with entertainment companies and venues to sell excess tickets to theater, concerts, comedy shows and sports. Often the ticket discounts are as much as 50% off. To get the deals, you must first join Goldstar, which is free. Then search national deals or choose your city or a destination you are planning to visit from the list of cities.

Currently, Goldstar is active in 29 cities or regions, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, Miami, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., with deals on touring shows, local theater groups, sports and concerts. In San Francisco, you can get tickets to “The Nutcracker” for 50% off (photo by Erik Tomasson). You can see some of the current ticket discounts on our Entertainment Deals page.

Buying tickets is easy and straightforward. There are service charges, but they are clearly noted. You can read more about how Goldstar works here.

Here are some of the current deals and discounts around the country:

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