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Dec 182015
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Gift Cards

This is the one time of the year when it pays to give gift cards because of all the bonus offers. The end dates vary for each promo, but most expire Dec. 31. In addition, some promos are available online or in-store only, while others are available either way. (For true savings, it’s better to buy the gift cards in-store, rather than pay any shipping charges — if a retailer doesn’t offer free shipping on gift cards.)

Here are some of the more popular national deals. However, there are many local deals to be found, too, so check your favorite neighborhood shops for more offers. Plus, review our tips on how to maximize the promos at the end of the list.

Remember, price and participation may vary. It’s also important to note that many of the promos are “bonus cards” — not gift cards. Review the fine print for limitations, including minimum purchase requirements, date restrictions or menu exclusions first. Plus, most (if not all) bonuses are not valid until Jan. 1, 2016.

If you have a favorite restaurant on the list, consider buying gift cards for yourself to “cash in” on the bonus. Plus, get more bonuses by breaking down a large purchase. For example, if the bonus is for a $25 (or more) gift card and you’re buying a $50 gift card, why not purchase two $25 gift cards in separate transactions instead? You just doubled your bonus.

Bryan Chavez

LOTC National Deals Editor Bryan K. Chavez carries his purple coupon binder with pride everywhere he goes because he knows it's as "good as gold." His deal-seeking skills are so sharp that he regularly saves upwards of 75% on his grocery receipts. One of his passions is helping others save money. When he's not clipping coupons or sniffing out the next great promotion, his professional background is in public relations & marketing for non-profit organizations. Bryan is an editor at Mile High On The Cheap.

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