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Dec 152012
 December 15, 2012  Posted by  Hot Deals, Shopping
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This list of gifts would make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for guys and girls who love gadgets. The best part is that they are all affordable, at less than $25, and have free shipping with purchases over $25 from Amazon. Most of these are items that I’ve given in the past, own myself or have on my wish list, so they are all gadgets that I approve of (and have the reviews to back it up).

  • Swiss+Tech UKCSB-1 Utili-Key 6-in-1 Keychain Multi-Tool: $8.06

    My husband loves this little multi-tool. It includes multiple screwdrivers, a bottle opener, straight blade knife and serrated blade knife.  It’s easy to clip on and off a key ring and is the same size/appearance as a key when folded (as a matter of fact, he accidentally took it through security at an airport and they didn’t catch it).
  • Dicapac Underwater Camera Case 6.3″ x 4.1″: $18.74

    I’ve used this on two trips to Hawaii that included snorkeling, scuba and swimming in waterfalls, as well as playing in the pool and ocean. I’ve also taken it to Florida and used it locally for kayaking and such.  I like how I can still zoom in with my lens because of the zoom cap that screws on, and I’ve taken excellent underwater photos (which depend more on the water clarity). MySony DSC-W350 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Zoom with Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue) is smaller than the bag, so a bigger camera would fit just fine.  There are enough seals that I know it’ll be safe for me to submerge for long periods of time.  I recommend testing it with just a paper towel inside a few times so you know if you’re sealing it correctly.
  • Cocoon CPG10BK GRID-IT Organizer, 12 x 8 Inch: $19-$20

    This picture doesn’t do this product justice. I looked it up after seeing it in a magazine. You can organize all sorts of things in this elastic grid so you don’t have to dig around in your purse, luggage or laptop bag for the things that are hard to find in the bottom of a bag (cell phone, cords, pens, camera, gum) — literally anything small that you want to keep organized. These are available in multiple sizes and colors and would be a good gift for nearly anyone.
  • 24-inch Photo Soft Box Light Tent – 4 Backdrops: $25.240

    This is a little more specialized, but if you know someone who likes to take photos of food, jewelry or items (smaller than two feet), this foldup light tent is perfect for getting the soft, diffused lighting that photographers are looking for.  If you need to add more light, you could use a cheap clip-on light or table lamp from the sides or the top.
  • Intermatic TN311 15 Amp Heavy Duty Grounded Timer: $10.95

    This could be considered a safety item, but it has many applications. If you’re away from your house after dark or going on vacation, set the timer for a light to turn on and off at various intervals so it looks like someone is home. We use one so the dog isn’t in the dark for the last hour before we get home from work.
  • Stanley 95-112B LED Tripod Flashlight Black: $15.48

    My husband loves this flashlight for when he’s working on projects in the dark and needs to have both hands free.  This would also be great to keep in a car in case someone needs to change a flat tire in the dark.
  • Bucket Boss 01056 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer: $21.29

    While this is technically a tool organizer, you could use it for any type of supplies (crafts, knitting, painting). My husband keeps his regular tools organized in this so he can carry them from room to room and have everything he needs. The bucket isn’t included, but you can pick one up for a few dollars at a hardware store.

Prices from Amazon may fluctuate.

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