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Jan 012014
 January 1, 2014  Posted by  Entertainment, Media
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Looking to beef up your music playlists for the new year? Amazon has put together a list of “artists to watch.” For each of these artists you can get one free song and a discounted full album on mp3. The full mp3 albums are all $6.99 or less, many $5. Download the whole playlist of 24 free songs from this page. This is a great way to learn about artists with whom you might not yet be familiar. You might find a new favorites. Here are just a few choices, but there are 24 in total. (And more “artists to watch” with discounted mp3 albums but not free songs.) For each of the albums shown below, just click and you’ll see the full list of songs, including the free one.

Jody Mace

Jody Mace is a freelance writer who has written for publications like O Magazine, Washington Post, and Parents. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two teenaged kids. Her colleagues are dogs named Harlow and Shaggy. She publishes Charlotte on the Cheap and takes the “cheap” seriously. For fun she plays mandolin and browses at her local Goodwill Store, where she is “Foursquare Mayor,” as long as that Russell G. doesn’t steal it from her again. You can see her celebration of thrift store finds at Thrift Wrecks.

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