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Oct 152012
 October 15, 2012  Posted by  Entertainment, Hot Deals, Media, Tech Talk

Ebooks cost on average $7 each. That’s less than the cost of print books, but a two-book-per-week-habit adds up to $60 per month. Ouch!

We have a solution – FREE ebooks. You may be pleasantly surprised, especially if you’re looking for books published years ago, to find how many downloadable books are available free. But there are also sources for current best-sellers.

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Here are five places to find free downloadable ebooks:

  • Your local library. Thousands of public libraries, both large and small, offer FREE ebooks through OverDrive, a digital content provider with more than 1 million titles from 1,000 publishers. A FREE library card is all you need to download ebooks from your local library’s website. Click here to find the nearest branch of your local library.  Fill in your zip code, click on your library’s website and – voila! — you’re looking at a selection of the latest bestsellers and popular classics, complete with author bios, excerpts and reviews. Scroll through newly added ebooks or search by title or author. The selections vary, depending on the local population’s taste in books. For example, the Chicago Public Library currently  features “The Book Thief,” the book chosen for the city’s One Book, One Chicago program. In Colon, Michigan, a small town surrounded by Amish farms, the top choice is “Living in Harmony,” the latest in a series of books about the Amish community
  • Project Gutenberg. You don’t need a library card to access  the more than 40,000 titles offered free by Project Gutenberg, a volunteer organization that digitizes books no longer protected by copyright. Expect to find classics like “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, “The Republic” by Plato and “Beowulf” – all in the current top 10 titles from Project Gutenberg. You can read the books on your computer, mobile device or Kindle
  • Amazon.  Amazon has thousands of free ebooks for Kindle (or for computer using free Kindle software).  Just type in “free ebooks” on the Amazon homepage for a list of more than 12,000 ebooks. In addition to classics, Amazon offers lighter reading such as “Married By Mistake,” a Harlequin Super Romance published in August 2012, and “Ten Shades of Sexy,” published in July 2012.
  • Barnes and Noble. The bookstore chain offers thousands of free ebooks for the Nook. You can also download free Nook apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as computers.
  • The website has more than 26,000 titles available for download, many of them classics. The books are available in many formats, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook and Mac/PC.

Have you found other good sources for free ebooks? Leave a comment and spread the word.

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3 comments on “5 best places to find free ebooks

  1. Morgana Rose on said:

    There’s a site called Ebookworms has a fair amount of known series books like The Hunger Games trilogy, The Harry Potter books, the series True Blood is based on and the Jumper series.

  2. Kelly Pucci on said:

    Thank you for telling us and our readers about this website. We always love to hear from people who have information to share.

  3. Samantha on said: has most anything in the public domain.