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May 222012
 May 22, 2012  Posted by  Travel, Wait! There's More
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Winners are: Peter, Lindsey C., Claudia, & Lesley B. Congrats! Last week Linda DuVal wrote about the benefits of using CityPASS when on vacation in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle or Toronto. As she points out, CityPASS bundles prepaid admission to each city’s top five or six attractions into one easy-to-use ticket booklet whose cost ($39 to $89) can save you up to 50% off what it would cost to purchase those same admissions separately. Even better, at many sights, CityPASS provides VIP access, meaning you get to skip an attraction’s ticket line — no wasting of touring time. Four lucky LOTC readers will each receive two adult CityPASS ticket booklets (value $78 to $178) to the destination of their choice from those listed above. (Sorry, Southern California is not included in this giveaway.) CityPASS ticket booklets are valid for nine consecutive days, beginning with the first day of use. Booklets may be activated at any time before February 20, 2014. To enter: Leave a comment telling us one way you save when traveling on vacation. Deadline to enter is 7 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 23. We’ll randomly draw four names and get in touch by email. Be sure to check your spam filters. If we can’t reach you, we move to the alternate winner.

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131 comments on “Winners: Your choice of CityPASS ticket booklets

  1. tami on said:

    We save money while traveling by bringing our own snacks with us and reusable water containers so we can fill them up during the day when we go out on excursions. Also if we are able to leave the hot spot and come back we try to leave and eat lunch somewhere cheaper like a fast food restaurant close by instead of spending $50 on food for 1 meal . We also always order water when eating out … Its the best thing to drink to replenish our bodies anyways and its free :)

  2. Lorraine Haan on said:

    Use coupons, stay at hotels that include free breakfast and grab a few extra pieces of fruit from the breakfast buffet for snacks during the day, walk and/or take public transit. :)

  3. Megan Carey on said:

    I do a lit of reasearch in books, online, and ask people that have been there before. We spend a lot of time doing research. It get us excited as well as we found the best deal on attractions, hotels, etc. Always planning a vacation!!!!!

  4. claire on said:

    It’s our First time to travel and we are so happy welearned about the Citypass. We trully enjoyed our first travel in TORONTO and really took us directly on their tourist spots. We sace a lot of time searching places to go. We even told some of our friends about Citypass. We are looking forward to our next journey/travel with my family and will sure use the Citypass. <3

  5. Stephanie on said:

    I save when on vacation by shopping around on hotels at different websites. Also if possible I get tickets at Costco for a cheaper price.

  6. Sarah on said:

    Heading to Toronto at the end of this week for a conference and vacation! We’ll save by staying at a VRBO rental rather than a hotel, eating a few meals at the condo and perhaps using the CityPASS. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  7. cecelia on said:

    To save money on our vacations we fly on off peak days, carry along snacks and water, leave for lunch if we are at an amusement park or anywhere that meal prices are rediculous, and we stay in hotels that are close to most of our destinations and offer free breakfast!

  8. used Citypass in Toronto 2yrs ago and I have not stop telling people about how they can save money with Citypass.

  9. StephH on said:

    I try to use sites that allow you to name your own price on hotels and car rentals. I also try to find hotels to stay at that offer a complimentary breakfast buffet.

  10. Monica on said:

    I save on vacations so I can start to save for my next vacation.

  11. Farkas Manuéla on said:


    I’m from Budapest.
    When I travel, I save money by calculating everything beforehand, and deciding in advance what and when I’d like to do.
    I’m planning my very first vacation in the US for this summer, and I already have bought two city passes.
    And I definitly will buy another one for San Francisco too. :)

  12. 1.) Plan ahead. Look for cheap airline & hotel packages through orbitz, expedia, travelocity, kayak, etc.
    2.) Research about the place. Read some reviews, Top places to visit, dine, shop etc.
    3.) Have an Itinerary. It definitely saves times and energy.
    4.) Look for coupons and passes. This will help you save and budget your money. City passes not only gives you discount but also saves you from standing and waiting in long lines. We experienced how convenient and satisfied we are when we traveled to Chicago for the first time.
    5.) Eat at fast food restaurants or street foods if you really want to save.

  13. Daniel H on said:

    If the hotel doesn’t offer free breakfast, I take a box of cereal and a cooler chest with a jug of milk. It’s amazing how much it saves you to cut out paying for 1 meal a day.

  14. Cara on said:

    When my family travel, we bring our own water containers and our own snacks (fruits, popcorn, granola). When we travel long distance we try to hit any costco or sam’s club and eat a pizza, hotdog and stock up on more snacks.

  15. Nic Bain on said:

    We used City Pass Toronto last summer to give the kids an awesome staycation.

  16. alanna craig on said:

    i am hoping to save by winning the city pass for new york! heading there march 2013 with 3 friends x fingers crossed x

  17. Juan Alberto on said:

    When visiting Chicago it didn’t only saved us money and took us to all that tourist spots, but we didn’t have to wait in line at the Sears Tower which was awesome! The one for New York was really nice too, because saved us a lot of money.

  18. Sara on said:

    I start by researching free things to do at the destination, many times there will be festivals or free days at museums. Sometimes staying in a vacation rental home may be less expensive than a hotel, especially if you have multiple families traveling. Also, I sign up for emails from the major car rental companies. The last trip we went on I ended up rebooking the car twice, and saved almost $100 dollars! Oh, and get CityPASS especially in San Francisco – those cable car rides can really add up fast!

  19. Gloria on said:

    Research websites, hotels, transportation, sales tax, hotel add on fees. I read the fine print so there are no sursprises. I want to have fun and not worry about money, you don’t have to be rich just smart!! :)

  20. Lizbeth Paulino on said:

    One way I save money when on vacation is using public transportation to go to different attractions!

  21. Peter on said:

    We save money through early planning:
    - buy cheaper fly tickets
    - book good hotels in advance ( rabbat)
    - visit free events, concerts
    On the other side, we spend this saved money on vacation on another things(:-).
    For example, we are going to run our first marathon on our 30 anniversary of marriage in San Francisco this year

  22. Harris Thomas on said:

    My buddy and I took a trip to CHI-TOWN where I used to live. Had talked about how great the city was for years. When we finally decided to take the trip I remembered how expensive it would be to go to all the attractions we wanted to see. So, I went online and got two citypasses. Boy, saved a ton of money.

  23. Donna on said:

    Whenever we travel as a family we like to stay at
    vacation rentals (condos). This helps us save by
    not having to eat out as much, and we usually
    have our own rooms as well; for a cheaper price then
    a hotel!!

  24. Marjorie on said:

    I use sites like Groupon to find cool deals before getting to a destination, so I always get to a places with come deals on restaurants and activities. It’s also a good way to avoid spending time looking for things to do or places to eat. I’ve already got the places down!

  25. Mikal D on said:

    We usually stay in hostels to save money. Hostels often provide free breakfast and free wifi, and they offers discounted activities. And the staff always know the best local deals around!

  26. Margaret Leola on said:

    I save money on travel by reading travel blogs and getting amazing information from people who share great information. I also use all the discount travel sites to get get deals on hotel rooms, flights and all inclusive trips. I really enjoy the research and try to help as many of my friends to score the best deal possible.

  27. tiffany on said:

    We save money while traveling by booking a hotel with a kitchenette if possible. We eat dinner in pack lunches for lunchtime. We also take a bag of snacks and plenty of water so we aren’t paying a large amount of money for water during the day. We have used citipass in the past and have been so thrilled. Would love to win some tickets!

  28. Bill on said:

    Travel off peak hours and days. Eat out as little as possible. Grocery stores are everywhere and most hotels have microwaves and refrigerator’s. Check with hotel/resort if offer any discounts to area attractions. If available use public transportation. Check with any memberships you have to see if they offer any discounts ,(auto clubs, gym, shopping clubs, ect.).

  29. marissia w on said:

    One way I save on vacation is looking at the location states website (s) for free things to do if your a local

  30. Natalie on said:

    Plan months in advance. Make sure that I join airline, hotel and rental car reward programs. Check frugal living websites for any discount specials. Sign up for email listings to get notice of last minute package deals. I always choose hotels that offer free or discounted breakfast meals or buffets–by the way, I love Drury Inn Hotels in particular, because they offer a breakfast bar AND a 5:30pm “kickback” dinner bar, both for free!

  31. Amanda Freeland on said:

    Organize myself and plan in advance, searching online and trying to get as much information as I can, email alerts of websites that I am already familiar with and trust and especially trying to travel on slow seasons, which not only helps money but time-wise as well.