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Jan 072013
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Winners are Joann & Sheri! may be the largest source of coupon and promo codes for online retailers. Search by retailer or product category including apparel, electronics, travel, entertainment and more. What really separates from the rest is that the site promises all coupon codes are valid and encourages its users to rate coupons, note when they are used and leave comments. You can share codes with friends and family by email, set alerts for your favorite retailers, even submit coupon codes and earn some cash. To encourage LOTC readers to check them out, is giving two Living on the Cheap readers each a $25 Target gift card.

To enter you must do two things: 1.) Be an e-mail subscriber of LOTC. E-mail subscribers receive one e-mail every day, with a list of posts from the previous 24 hours. Addresses are never spammed, shared or sold. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can sign up now. It’s quick, easy and FREE. Make sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) after signing up because you’ll have to confirm your registration. If you already subscribe, ignore #1. You do not have to subscribe again.

2). Leave a comment telling us the best deal you ever got with a coupon. Deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, January 9. We’ll randomly draw two names from all eligible entries, double-check that they are subscribers with an activated subscription and award the gift cards. (Note: Only one entry per e-mail address and/or family.) Winners will be contacted via e-mail for a mailing address — so check your spam filters. We hate to act like Scrooge, but, if we can’t contact you, the prize goes to someone else. Again, you must be a LOTC subscriber to win. Note: this giveaway is sponsored by

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  235 Responses to “Winners: $25 Target gift card from CouponChief”

  1. A good coupon I used was at BJ’s last Christmas 2012 my father wanted a GPS all his life and i could not afford it but since i saved money I decided to buy my old man the GPS with a coupon of $20.00 off so i totally saved and my father is happy with his GPS it was the last one at the store so i was lucky my father made me smiled when he opened his gift his eyes sparkled and that made me felt warm and happy.

  2. The best coupon deal is when I get a FREE meal on my birthday from my favorite restaurant and then a FREE Ice Cream cone at my favorite Ice Cream Parlor!

  3. My best coupon was for $10 off a $10 purchase from Khol’s. With their early-bird 60% off sales, I got a great Christmas present for my nephew for about $4.

  4. My best is always when you can use a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on a bogo- like at Publix when there is a buy one get one- if they have a store coupon out for that item, you can use 2 store coupons and 2 mfr’s coupons, and they are deducted from the total because you technically purchased the item! Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?!

  5. JC Penny was giving away buttons after Black Friday, and the codes on the back of the buttons could be entered online for chances to win trips or coupons. One of my buttons was $5 off a $5 purchase and the other was $10 dollars off. These coupons were used to buy socks for my niece and nephew as well as a sweater for my sister. I love what JC Penny did in terms of their make – over, and I love that their prices are so affordable!

  6. I recently googled “coupon for (restaurant)” right before we went out, and I found a $30 for $15 coupon that I bought, printed and went right to redeem. I love saving money on things I would do anyhow!

  7. buy 1 dinner get 1 free

  8. The best deal was a coupon that I used to buy a pressure cooker at Bed bath and beyond. The pressure cooker was 125 dollars on Amazon and I only paid 60.13 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  9. subscribed to emails,
    and the best deal I’ve got with a coupon was my ps3, I got $100 off and extra games. it was great!

  10. Meijer mperks coupons plus regular coupons equals double savings!

  11. CVS has great coupons. I was able to purchase items and get $20 worth free using the store coupons and rewards cash.

  12. The best deal I’ve ever got with a coupon was a Groupon for EIGHT passes to a local Rock Climbing gym! I love great deals!

  13. $1 dollar off coupons, plus double coupons at the grocery store saves at least $10 off our total. Gotta love coupons!

  14. The best deal is getting a product free when you purchase another item. I find that the best deal is on dispozable razors, plus they are always on sale when I use the BOGO coupon. :)

  15. Best Deal: FREE FREE FREE FREE 4 1-L soda bottles at Safeway-!
    I’m new to LOTC…and I already got free stuff! :)

  16. One of my best deals was when you told us about the free sub from Jimmy Johns. I’d never been there so I hopped on that deal! I believe you had the free deal with the Arby’s new turkey sandwiches too! Did that one twice! Love LOTC!

  17. I have had many really good deals, the latest was 5.00 off Izze drinks and finding it on clearance for 2.49. Can you say overage! yay.

  18. The best coupon is the $30 coupon to use at Benihana’s on your birthday. All my friends born in the same month go together and we all get to spend $30 each. It’s great!

  19. Free restaurant meals for my birthday are great!

  20. This past year I had a coupon for $10 off $10 or more at Bath and Body Works. I was able to get two of my favorite lotions for a very reasonable price.

  21. My favorite coupon is from Dairy Queen, which I get almost every month for BOGO Blizzard. It is not the best, but it gives me a reason to get a Blizzard!!

  22. Fashion Bug (which is unfortunately closing down) used to mail $10 off $10 purchase coupons all the time. Since it’s my favorite store I would go in every time I got one.

  23. A $10 off a purchase of $10 or more from Victoria’s Secret!

  24. The best deal I got with a coupon was $0.50 off a Bob Evans Macaroni. Wal Mart had them for $1.99 and I did not have to buy 2 or 3 of the item to get the $0.50 off. This is a big deal to me and I do not care for coupons where you have to buy more than one of the item.

  25. I agree with the person that the Benihana coupon is the best. I used it by myself with no problem.

  26. One time got around 75% off a $100 grocery bill!

  27. The best deal I got was towels I paid less than $2 with using a $10 JCPenney coupon.

  28. I love the 50% off coupons that I can use at AC Moore. I will make as many trips as I need to in order to get what I want without paying full price. Using that method I got all the letters to spell my baby girl’s name for her nursery really cheap!

  29. I love the 1.oo off coupons that you can use on an item that only costs 1.00.
    I use those alot as long as you know where to find the item for that price.

  30. I found Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal at Dollar Tree. I had a $1 off coupon if you bought 3. So I got 3 boxes of cereal for $2.00!! Shop Rite had General Mills cereal priced at 4 boxes for $6.68. I used 3 coupons to get 4 boxes of cereal for $3.68. If I don’t save over 65% when I go shopping, I didn’t prepare enough!! I’ve gotten a free burger meal 2 years in a row on my birthday at Ruby Tuesday. Jersey Mike’s gives you a free sandwich on your birthday. Houlihan’s gives you a coupon for a meal up to $10 on your birthday. I ate good that week!! Also got B1G1 free pretzels at Auntie Anne’s and a free shake at Arby’s when I bought something else. Gotta love FREE and Cheap!!

  31. Totally free products with no strings attached; especially surveys.

  32. I am a fairly new subscriber so the best deal so far has been the free pizza added to my order by pappa johns that recently came out!
    Thanks WOTC!

  33. I’ve had some pretty great coupons over the years. The most recent was using a coupon code to get $10 off of a pair of windshield wipers, plus 6% cash back. Then I found out there was a rebate for another $10 off of a purchase. Nice.

  34. My best coupon was a discount for 30% at a store for all items including make-up and perfume, which generally are excluded.

  35. I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s, which was for all items, including perfume and make-up, which are generally excluded.

  36. I was just introduced to LOTC by Wichita On The Cheap and am looking forward to viewing more deals. My best deal from a coupon was finding a $5 off coupon for a Monopoly game and getting Deal (the Monopoly card game) for something like a $1! :D

  37. 40 for 20 Dollar Paint ball admission.

  38. I sign up for birthday freebies and the best one by far is the grilled shrimp with orzo dish at Brio’s on the Plaza. Yum!

  39. the best thing i’ve ever gotten with a coupon is a FREE BURRITO from EVOL foods!

  40. I’ve gotten so many deals, I have to think this through…but with a coupon specifically, I would think it would be the various buy one get one deals that I purchase so often. Those are usually the ones I look for since they give you the largest return. I buy from Groupon religiously. I took advantage of these WITHOUT a coupon, per say:

    -Free skating events, When Disney had a free ticket on your birthday, free entrance into museums and similar events, free visit to the Columbus Zoo with donation, membership to COSI(columbus, OH) gave us free admission to a TON of science museums all accross the nation which we took advantage of on our many vacations, rush tickets for broadway shows in New York ($39 a pop) plus last minute box office discounts, Kids night on broadway gets a free ticket for a child, has given me MANY great hotels with the “name your own price” deals., free admission to Castaway Bay at Cedar Point for your birthday, etc…I always look for the bargains! Hope this helps…

  41. my husband and I went out with our son for the first time since he was born in August and we had a coupon for buy one get one free at marble slab. great ice team with a great man and little boy.

  42. My favorite is a coupon book called Lunch Money. It costs $10 but you can use each coupon once a month. Most of them are buy one, get one free. Last year they had one for Big City Burrito and my husband and I could go out to dinner for less than $10 for dinner every month. What a deal!

  43. The best copon deal I got was a razor/blades at Target. I had a $5 coupon from my local paper, and a copon from Target as well. I used my Target red card & ended up getting the razor/blades for FREE.

  44. The best deal I’ve had…probably bogos at the gas station for ski lift tickets, great for visitors!

  45. I love coupons. Just recently Once Upon a Child had a free baby outfit.
    My son was having twins. I went to a bunch of the neighbors and asked for their coupons. I got my son 25 outfits for free. My most recent free coupon was Starbucks coffee. I hunt coupons every day.

  46. $10. off any purchase of $10 or more that Kohls has on the frontof the newspaper. :)

  47. The best coupon I have ever used was a BJ’s coupon of $20.00 off a GPS my father always wanted one and he could not afort it which was sad since I am a member of BJ’s club I get coupons I saw a GPS on sale and it was the one my father wanted so I bought it for him. His eyes sparkled and that moment I saw him like that I smiled and felt warm inside that is a memory I will never forget.

  48. Half off at my favorite clothing store and bogo…

  49. The best deal I ever got was at Kohl’s on a winter coat. It was 80% off, originally $68, plus I had a 20% off coupon, so I paid only $13 for that coat!

  50. My favorite coupons have been for free movie screenings.

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