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Dec 252012
 December 25, 2012  Posted by  Hot Deals, Shopping
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Fall fashion magazines showed that design this season tapped into baroque-style, but that doesn’t mean you need to go b-r-o-k-e to keep up with the trends. Everyone has read an article in a fashion magazine that promises the “look for less,” only to find pieces still priced in the hundreds of dollars.

Here are some party outfits that are trendy, but cost next to nothing. In fact, it’s likely you have a lot of this season’s hot looks already in your closet. What makes style stylish is simply putting together the right pieces.

Professional party

This is a time to play it safe, but still show some of your after 5 p.m. personality. Go dark but pile on the sparkle. Update the look with some of those big baubles that were so popular a few seasons ago. If you already tossed them, is a great place to look for vintage — and cheap —  jewels. Instead of wearing long necklaces, you can pin ones you have with a safety pin to shorten them around the neck. Go dark on the bottom with work pants (pictured: from Loft). Basic pumps are always classy.  Kohls has great shoes at even better prices if you need to update. To bring your accent color and black together, wrap a black pashmina shawl around your shoulders to tap into the baroque “large around the shoulders” illusion. A thick bracelet and big ring amp up the bling.

Baroque is all about rich textures that cast off light. If you already own velvet or silk, this is a good time to incorporate these pieces. If not, you can still achieve the look by mixing rich dark colors like brown and black or dark purples and reds. Rather than buy pieces that have gems sewn in, layer your existing gems and baubles on top of the rich dark pieces in your wardrobe  If you really want something new, get it for less at a place like Marshalls or Ross.

How to dress with the latest 2012 accessories


Going out with friends or a date

This is a chance to be hot. Wear your hottest little black dress. JCPenney has some great options for less than $50 if you must get something new for the season. If your dress lends itself to a belt, find a sparkly one. Or make your own. Try a sequined scarf and then top it off with a skinny belt– a staple from last season — to hold the scarf in place and add complexity.

Next, pile on the jewels. Every girl has a pair of chandelier earrings left over from when they were big. If you already tossed them, check out Forever 21 for some cheap, but pretty, sparkle. Try adding a pin — it’s not old lady, it’s baroque. If you don’t want to poke a hole on your dress, grab a colorful scarf and out the pin on that. You can also try a blazer. To get away from the professional look of a blazer, roll the sleeves up  to show some wrist. You could also try a silky/satin blazer or blouse on top. Make sure to put a ring on your finger to draw attention to your glam style. Try this one from the Loft for less than $20 if you’ve already cleaned out your collection.

This season is all about pairing sparkle with the classic pieces already in your closet. You probably already have a lot of these pieces in your wardrobe, which is always the best place to shop.

Rose Overbey

Rose Overbey worked her way up at a boutique public relations firm in Washington, D.C., from junior writer to director of business development. She's worked with national brands and on executive-level ghostwriting projects. In mid-2012, she acted on an urge to pursue a career in teaching and now teaches kindergarten at a Title 1 school in the District of Columbia. Despite the career switch, Rose still freelances regularly. Rose has also been published in The Washington Post. She loves to take advantage of all the good deals the D.C. area has to offer — and refuses to pay full price for anything.

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