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 February 1, 2016  Posted by  Entertaining, Features, Hot Deals, Recipes

Bigger is better when it comes to party snacks. Here are some tips, tricks and recipes for snacks to enjoy when you have friends over.

Chili: Make your usual recipe, but cut the normal amount of meat you use in half — or altogether. This will save you  more than a couple bucks. Serve it with chips and it will automatically double as a dip or soup. Just remember to put out some grated cheese.

Fat pigs in a blanket: All you need are croissant/crescent dinner rolls (any brand), hotdogs and ketchup — mustard optional. See directions on croissant/crescent roll package and preheat oven to the temperature required for regular cooking.  Unroll dough and place triangles on a pan.  Place a hotdog at the base of the triangle. Roll up the dog in the dough. Make sure there is some space between each roll.  See package for cooking time (usually 10 to 15 minutes). Serve with ketchup and mustard.

Tip: If your guests love onions, dice onion pieces and place in the dough while rolling up the dog. You can also incorporate cheese. Simply place a small slice in the dough while rolling.

Cost: Hot Dogs: $4 (or less) per package, Crescent Rolls: $4 (or less)

Fancy up your salsa: For every eight ounces salsa, add a tablespoon or two of either sour cream or Greek yogurt to create a creamy salsa blend.  Create salsa variety on your platter with this little trick.

Cost: Salsa: $3 or less per jar, sour cream: $3, Greek yogurt: $2 (or less)

Blue cheese and jam crackers: You can use any kind of club crackers, though I prefer Keebler — plus they’re always on sale. Pick up a container of blue cheese crumbles meant for salads (much cheaper than a chunk of blue cheese from the  dairy) and raspberry or strawberry jam. It must be jam; jelly is a little too watery. Place crackers on a tray or plate, then use a knife to spread a thin layer of jam on each cracker. Sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles.

Cost: Crackers: $4, Blue Cheese Crumbles: $3,  Jam: $3

These snacks are sure to satisfy any taste buds and the cost of ingredients to serve six to eight people are close to — or less than — $10 per snack.

Rose Overbey

Rose Overbey worked her way up at a boutique public relations firm in Washington, D.C., from junior writer to director of business development. She's worked with national brands and on executive-level ghostwriting projects. In mid-2012, she acted on an urge to pursue a career in teaching and now teaches kindergarten at a Title 1 school in the District of Columbia. Despite the career switch, Rose still freelances regularly. Rose has also been published in The Washington Post. She loves to take advantage of all the good deals the D.C. area has to offer — and refuses to pay full price for anything.

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