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 June 3, 2012  Posted by  Expired
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Golf has a reputation as being an expensive and addictive avocation, but getting started is very reasonable with Get Golf Ready. This nationwide program of five group lessons is a step-by-step introduction to the game for just $99. How you then handle the addictive part is up to you.

Each facility sets its own schedule, and most offer several lesson series, including some for women only. Each session is conducted by PGA and LPGA Professionals and focuses on the various golf skills used while playing. Day 1 covers the basics, including how to get around the clubhouse and practice areas, why there are different clubs in your bag. and putting, which provides the sheer excitement of rolling the ball into the hole. Day 2 offers warm-up, stretching and wellness tips; the best ways to hold the club and get ready before taking a swing, and the basics of  chipping, pitching and other shots from short distances to gett the ball close to the hole.

Beginners literally get into the swing of things on Day 3, which features becoming comfortable with the full swing, using irons to loft the ball in the air and onto the green, and the meaning of such golf words as fairway, rough, tee box, green, divot, bunker and more. The creators of Get Golf Ready call Day 4 “Driving School,” because it features swinging the driver and other “big” clubs to hit the long shots, the importance of starting play from the correct tee markers in order to have more fun and less frustration in those early times as a golfer and helpful short cuts to save time during play.

Day 5 is the wrap-up day of this series that puts together the elements learned during the previous four sessions. It includes linking all that you’ve learned to play a few holes; tips for playing in groups, on teams and other fun ways to play;  becoming more comfortable on the course, reviewing the rules and keeping score, and importantly more opportunities to return and play golf.

The bottom line is that in addition to teaching these basics, pros guide beginners onto the golf course to put those skills into action in a casual, friendly setting. Golf Clubs, balls and other equipment are provided for during the program. Click here and enter your zip code to find a program at a convenient public and private course, many of which offer well-priced follow-up series.

Claire Walter

Claire Walter is an award-winning freelance writer, author and blogger specializing in travel, food and winter sports. Her books include Nordic Walking: The Complete Guide to Health Fitness & Fun, The Snowshoe Experience and Skiing on a Budget; she was also a contributor to Rodale Books’ How to Cut Your Spending in Half Without Settling for Less. Originally from Connecticut, she lived for more than 20 years in pricey New York, where she learned to live well for less. She co-owns Mile High on the Cheap. Claire and her husband live in Boulder, Colorado, and she is the mother of grown son who, as a single mom for years, raised him “on the cheap.”

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