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Jan 152013
 January 15, 2013  Posted by  Beauty, Health & Beauty, Hot Deals

When it comes to stocking my cosmetics kit and my bathroom, my approach is always beauty on the cheap. That’s not to say I don’t splurge on certain beauty products or services — such as having my hair professionally cut and colored — because I’ve found that when it comes to hair, you get what you pay for. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t find ways to save money on a professional job or anything else I require to get beautiful. Here are six ways I get beautiful on the cheap — and you can, too:

  1. See a salon apprentice. At my local salon I’ve been going to the stylists who are working on an apprentice basis. That means they are just learning the trade and offer all the salon services, under the supervision of an experienced stylist, at a discount — sometimes 50% less than a regular stylist. Not only are these stylists learning about hair, but their apprenticeship also includes nail and other spa services at a discount, too. You can often get hair services on the cheap at local beauty schools. The students need to practice on someone.
  2. Buy frequently replaced beauty supplies at the drugstore. I do some of my best extreme couponing at stores like CVS, especially when it comes to buying beauty staples, such as mascara — which, by the way, Self Magazine says you should replace every three to six months, to avoid bacteria contamination. When it comes to those items that need frequent replacing, don’t spend big bucks at the department store.
  3. Always use coupons. I’d never consider buying a new mascara, bottle of shampoo or even tube of lip balm without first scouting around for a coupon. You can look for makeup coupons in the Sunday paper, online or via drugstore rewards programs.
  4. Enroll in rewards and loyalty programs. Speaking of drugstore rewards, if there are stores where you shop regularly, definitely sign up for their loyalty programs. For every $50 on beauty products I spend at CVS, I get a $5 coupon. When I shop through, I’m earning points towards discounts and free products. (Here is a link to a TV segment I did last fall on beauty rewards programs.)
  5. Find freebies. Sometimes drugstores will offer events through which you can get freebies. For example, right now you can get a free skin cancer screening, courtesy of Aveeno, Rite Aid and the Skin Cancer Foundation, via the Aveeno Road to Healthy Skin Tour. I attended one of these free screenings a few years ago and walked away with Aveeno freebies plus coupons. When you shop through the Sephora site, you are allowed to choose up to three free samples to be sent with your purchase. I always choose moisturizers so I can keep those packets in my purse for when my hands are feeling dry. It’s a free way to get single-use moisturizer.
  6. Use multitasking items. Vaseline or petroleum jelly has many uses in a beauty routine. I use it to remove my eye makeup, as a stand-in for lip balm and as a foot moisturizer in the winter. Clarifying shampoos are also great stain removers — not quite part of the beauty routine but a multitasker none the less. And many people swear by toothpaste not only for cleaning their teeth but also for treating their pimples.

What are some of the ways you get beautiful on the cheap? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Leah Ingram

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