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 May 1, 2014  Posted by  Crafts

Colorful Cinco de Mayo crafts are fun to make and easy for the entire family.  The name of the holiday literally translates to “the 5th of May,” and it commemorates the Mexican army’s improbable victory over a bigger and stronger French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Since then, Cinco de Mayo has come to be known as a time to celebrate Mexican culture. 

Here are six fun crafts you can make for the occasion.

1. Decorate Cinco de Mayo cookiesThese yummy desserts are colorful and only take a few minutes to make.  All you need are sugar cookies (store-bought or homemade), white icing, marshmallows and sprinkles. Arrange the icing around the rim of the cookies, and then dip the cookie icing-first in a plate of sprinkles.  Put a dot of icing in the middle of the cookie and attach a marshmallow there. Add a few more sprinkles to the top and you have a cute, edible sombrero.  Note: This idea also works with cupcakes.

2. Create a bird rattle. Fill a toilet paper tube with dried beans or popcorn kernels and seal with tape to make a rattle. Decorate with strips of bright red, green and blue paper to make it look like a parrot or macaw.

3. Make a Cinco de Mayo magnet.  Take construction paper and create the country’s flag — it’s red, white and green — or make another Mexico-related picture. Cut it into the shape of your magnet, and attach.

4. Create a Cinco de Mayo balloon piñataCover a balloon with a water and flour paste mixture. Let it dry (this take a day or two, so make sure you set aside extra time for this activity), then decorate it for a fun piñata.

5. Make Easter Egg Maracas.  If you have leftover plastic Easter eggs, this is a very easy craft.  Fill the eggs with dried beans or beads.  For the handle, attach a plastic spoon to the egg with colorful tape. Decorate your new musical instrument and make some noise.

6. Make a model of a Mayan pyramid.  These temples are archaeological marvels in Mexico.  Make a model using homemade “moon sand” or  play dough.

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