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Apr 152014
 April 15, 2014  Posted by  At Home, Family, Hot Deals, Kids, Summer Fun With Kids

Spring Break. The term excites college students across the country but also can instill dread in the minds of the parents of school-age children everywhere. Nine days in a row with no school. What can you possibly do to prevent hearing “I’m bored” over and over again?

Search no more. Here are simple crafts, fun games and yummy recipes that your kiddos can do to have fun and keep busy over school vacation. (Depending on their age, some kids may need more grown-up help than others)

Craft Time

  • This Tie Dye Butterfly is cute and the kids will love seeing the colors blend to create beautiful wings.rsz_tie-dye-butterfly-31
  • I know my son would have a ball making (and throwing) many of these Paper Helicopters.
  • These Glitter Bracelets might require a quick trip to the hardware store, but I think it’d be worth it.
  • If the weather is nice where you live, you may want to try this Exploding Art Project. It’s a bit messy, yet can provide a lasting memory.
  • These Easy Birdseed Feeders may help bring some feathered friends to your yard as spring is beginning.
  • My daughter would love creating these Hand Art Pictures in an assortment of colors.
  • I already know both my kids love playing with Homemade GAK.
  • These Cosmic Sun Catchers are a pretty, simple, and not too time consuming. I can see us making several of these.rsz_cosmic_sun_catcher

Game Time

  • This Frisbee Golf looks like a lot of fun for outdoors or if you have a good-size playroom.
  • On a nice day, getting outside for a Nature Scavenger Hunt is a good way to have fun while getting fresh air. Use clear contact paper to create bookmarks or place mats with some of the “finds.”
  • I love this idea for Giant Pick Up Sticks. You can choose how far to go: Paint just tips or whole sticks, make the sticks themselves or go all the way and make a storage container, too.rsz_giant_pick_up_sticks
  • Roll Out the Marble might take a bit of practice.
  • I can already hear the laughing at the results of Tag Team Drawing.
  • Update that old Guess Who? game in the back of the closet. For younger kids, use family pictures. For older ones, try using pictures of famous historical figures and encourage questions based on their role in history, time period, etc.

What’s to Eat?

  • Making Ice Cream in a Bag is an activity and yummy treat all rolled into one. One tip: Use pot holders when making this to keep hands from freezing.rsz_ice_cream_in_a_bag
  • I’ve been wanting to make Homemade Poptarts for ages. Many can be made with as little as two ingredients — refrigerated pie dough and jam. Or go all out and make your own pie dough and a glaze. My mouth is watering with all the possible filling ideas: Nutella, lemon pie filling, pumpkin pie filling, and an assortment of jams or jellies.
  • These Tortilla Pizzas make for a simple lunch. Let kids choose their own sauce and toppings and assemble themselves.
  • Jello Worms are just creepy, but I know they’ll be a big hit here.
  • Easy Pumpkin Muffins can be created with as little as two ingredients: cake mix and canned pumpkin. It’s your decision whether to add spices or not. Try with yellow, chocolate or spice cake mix. Yum.
  • If it’s hot at your house, these Nutella Ice Cream Pops will hit the spot.
  • I’d skip the salt and pepper on these Dried Strawberries. I know my kids would get a kick out of seeing a plump, juicy strawberry go into the oven, and a shriveled, chewy one come out.

Heidi McIndoo

is a registered dietitian, freelance writer, author, and bargain hunter. She loves saving money and finding great deals, and can’t help but share the wealth when she does. She also loves all things food: baking, cooking, buying, eating, and more. She’s written about nutrition and healthy eating for Parents, Woman’s Day, All You, Prevention, and more. She enjoys teaching people how to eat both nutritiously and deliciously. And, in her two latest books she does just that — When to Eat What and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 200-300-400 Calorie Meals. She lives with her family in the Metro Boston area.

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